‘Binding’, the collaborative book sculpture I have produced with Susannah Pickering is showing at this exhibtion in Leeds


Leeds City Library
14th – 24th August 2012
Curated by Louise Atkinson
As part of Artist Book Collective

As part of Divided We Fall, the collective will present ‘Bound’ their first touring show as a way to strengthen connections within the group and promote books as an artistic medium.

From the exploration of experimental binding techniques to more conceptual interpretations, such as the book as a ritual object, this new exhibition will investigate the notion of ‘bound’ in its myriad forms. Works will be also available for sale or commission.

The tour will begin at the Art Library of the Leeds Central Library, before continuing on to other venues, including The Centre for Fine Print Research in Bristol. The launch of Bound is the first stage in creating a permanent artist book archive for the collective in Leeds city centre. This will also be digitised online for the artists, researchers and members of the public to view.

For more information about viewing or buying works visit http://abcarchive.blogspot.co.uk/