I’ll be exhibiting Listen to the Shell of the Human Sea and running a drop in collaborative audio workshop with Hannah Keville at this event. All ages and abilities welcome and it’s free!

Category: A Travelling Artist Book Exhibition.

13th & 14th November 2011

Culture Lab OnSite
5 Forth Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Open Daily 12pm -5pm
Reception Event Sunday 13th November 5-7pm

Book Apothecary is a travelling museum of artist books showcasing work by visual artists Theresa Easton, Yvette Hawkins, Hannah Keville, Simran Lajmi, Aidan Moesby and Stevie Ronnie who have made work responding to the theme of Category. Works have been presented inside a series of travelling modified trunks and suitcases designed by Furniture Maker Nick James.

The travelling museum is inspired by the idea of book and botanical category systems, proving that books can be visual as well as informative.

Sunday 13th November 12-5pm

Artists Hannah Keville and Stevie Ronnie will lead a collaborative audio workshop inviting the public to get involved. Come along at any time between 12-5pm if you’d like to collaborate with the artists in the production of a new artist’s book. Suitable for all ages.

Sunday 13th & Monday 14th November 12-5pm

Sorting socks, ignoring bills, separating whites, recycling newspapers. Collecting, sifting and categorising are processes we do every day within our lives. Book Artist, Yvette Hawkins invites you to submit your own ways of categorising your world to be embroidered into a new artist book to be toured in 2012. Follow the progress of this year long project on twitter @bookapothecary

Drop in any time between 12-5pm throughout the exhibition to submit your lifestyle categories.

Book Apothecary is part of NE-Generation and is funded by Legacy Trust UK, an independent charity set up to create a cultural and sporting legacy from the London Olympic Games across the UK.

Image courtesy of Theresa Easton