I’m currently working on a commission for Durham City Arts to produce a series of exciting digital books. The first stage of the project is an exhibition of my work which will be in Durham Town hall throughout October. The image above is of Solar, one of the pieces from the exhibition. Further details below…

Stevie Ronnie / Brass Book

The idea that technology will begin to replace the book, rather than enhance it, dominates current thinking about the future of literature in the digital age. Brass Book is a new commission that seeks to reverse this way of thinking. Artist Stevie Ronnie will work with the people of County Durham to produce traditionally crafted books that have been embedded with cutting edge technologies.

The work in this exhibition presents some of the research, concepts and prototypes that comprise the story of Brass Book to date. When the functioning books have been made, each one will be given to a community group in County Durham. The first (paper) section of the book will contain a number of prompts. Through a series of workshops, participants will be provided with the opportunity to fill the book with their own multimedia responses to that series of prompts.

Brass Book, like all books, is a collaborative project and a number of artists, designers and technologists will contribute to its creation.  The book is dead. Long live the book.

Brass Book was commissioned by Durham City Arts to link Durham’s Literature and Brass festivals and is produced in association with Culture Lab, Newcastle.

If you would like to learn more about the project, or to enquire about how your community can get involved, please contact Durham City Arts by email at: enquiries@durhamcityarts.org.uk