The Secret Stories Hidden in Books
Nine venues, 16 suitcases, 24 artists, curators and young people and countless beautiful stories featuring the work of:

Katrina Barkes / James Chincharo / Joanne Clement / Josh Cobbin / Theresa Easton / Alexander Harmon / Yvette Hawkins / Steven Hodges / Henna Javed / Catherine Johnson / Dawn Knox / Eve Laws / Kathryn McCandless / Sarah McAdam / Lily Mellor / Aidan Moseby / Natalie Patel / Stevie Ronnie / Liz Russard / Anna Welsh

Book Apothecary is a travelling artist book museum made by young people, emerging and established artists and curators.

Presented within a series of reclaimed vintage suitcases and trunks, our collection is made up of handmade books, installations and curious bookish objects made and inspired by the physical acts of reading. We invite the public to not only view our archive but to delve in, handle and investigate our objects with all of their senses.

Book Apothecary have invited seven groups of young emerging artists and aspiring curators to produce a range of book-related art works to tour in Summer 2012 in the run up to the Cultural Olympiad.

Each group has spent the past six months developing their work to tour this summer with the help of artist mentors Theresa Easton, Yvette Hawkins, Justin Keeper, Bob Levene, Aidan Moesby and Stevie Ronnie.  Each group was matched with an established artist or curator to guide and direct them throughout their projects.

What has resulted, is a diverse, thought provoking and engaging collection of new works that have been added to the existing Book Apothecary archive. The Epilogue Tour 2012 will be making the following stops:

21 July – 23 September  Great North Museum: Hancock
Tues 7 Aug  Jesmond Metro Station
Wed 8 Aug  St James Metro Station
Thurs 9 Aug  Park Lane Bus Interchange
Fri 10 Aug  Haymarket Bus Interchange
Thurs 16 – Sun 19 Aug  Tynemouth Station
16th August – November  Tynemouth Station Bridge
1 & 2 September  Stephenson Works
29 Sept – 8 March 13  School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

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Book Apothecary is part of NE-Generation and is funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the UK.