On Saturday 13th June my poetry film collaboration with Marc Neys and Nic Sebastian, ‘(If) Grief (were) Briefly (to) Disappear’ will screen at Hardy Tree Gallery, London.

Further details:

7pm – Free Entry

www.hardytreegallery.com 119 Pancras Road. London, UK. NW1 1UN0
email steven@sjfowlerpoetry.com for further details

The emerging medium of poetry film or cinepoetry, crossing poetic principles with video art has often been overtaken by limited, dualistic collaborations. This evening aims to screen the more complex understandings of this new potentiality, another weapon in the pocket of the contemporary poet – the moving image.

“Poetry has been in dialogue with film since the origins of cinema, driving and challenging its theories from Man Ray and Surrealism or Dziga Vertov and Eisenstein through to later incarnations of the avant-garde, influencing narrative cinema and proliferating today with accessible online platforms and affordable means of production. Whether packaged as filmpoem, film poetry, the poetics of film, cinepoetry, video art (or tangled in distinguishing between the various labels) there is undoubtedly a growing popularity for this crossing of mediums. However, what is it that saves such collaborative or merging experiments from stale or illustrative cliches? How can an exchange between film and poetry be advanced? What is it that, if at all, excites or challenges us in this practice?” – Co-curator Dave Spittle.