Into the Curious

Storytelling evening

September 5th

7 until 9

On September 5th the Great North Museum:Hancock will host an evening of stories, myths, poems and art making performed in response to The Curious Case of…… exhibition by invited authors and artists including Dawn Felicia Knox, Sheree Mack, Richard W. Hardwick, Stevie Ronnie, artists from The Book Apothecary and music by Simon Wood. People are invited to come early to look at the exhibition, to talk with the artists, authors and young curators.

Artist Dawn Felicia Knox will be sharing some of the stories hidden within her commissioned installation Into the Curious which forms the entryway for The Curious Case of… exhibition. Layered into her work are tales told long ago of strange creatures sent back from a faraway land, spells cast with knitting needles and newsprint, maps separating the known and unknown world, photographs blurring into paintings and the always moving image of the North Sea. Her installation, part wonder filled cabinet of curiosity, part immersive visual travelogue and part intimate family altar, invites the viewer look deeper, to reflect on their own stories and to thread together new narratives.

The Curious Case of…. exhibition, curated by young people aged 17 – 24, explores the interesting stories behind a range of objects, looking at how objects from the Great North Museum collection can form a path into a wider global story and provoke discussion. The exhibition features objects found in the world collection, which were chosen by the young people with no particular focus in mind, other than curiosity.