‘Dark Place’ is a new poetry film that I have made with Lucy English, including a score by Jim Ronnie. The film will be published online as part of Lucy’s electronic poetry film project, The Book of Hours.

The Book of Hours is a calendar of poetry films to help you reflect. There is a poetry film for now and for different times of day, for every month of the year. All the films have been made in collaboration between Lucy English and film makers from all round the world.

The film is also available on vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/220401943

Process Notes:

Lucy and I wanted to try something different as a way of kick starting the collaborative process for Dark Place. It started from a desire to work on something that was going to become part of Lucy’s Book of Hours poetry film project. Poetry films often begin with the words or footage or sound but we decided to start from a colour palette. I created a palette and sent it to Lucy and she wrote the poem from the colours. Lucy then sent me a couple of drafts of the poem and, after spending some time digesting Lucy’s words, I decided to respond to it visually. Using the colours that I found in Lucy’s poem I rendered the poem as a painting, where each mark on the canvas represents a letter in the poem. I then captured this process as a series of still images which have been strung together into the film. The soundtrack, performed by my father Jim Ronnie, was composed and added during the video editing phase as a response to the poem’s images and the words.