Later this week I’ll be taking part in this event at the Lit and Phil. The theme is travel and I’ll be presenting my experiences of taking the Book Apothecary along to Nomadic Village in June of this year.

Wednesday 20th June 7.00pm

Pecha Kucha event hosted by Sheree Mack.


With only 20 images in 10 minutes, Jo Colley, Claire Webster Saaremets, Stevie Ronnie, Sue Spencer, a member of the Young Artists Collective and Sheree Mack will convey their moments related to the theme of travel and exploration.

Each interpretation will be unique to each presenter. But each one will take the audience on a journey. With poetic interludes from Aidan Clarke and special music from Simon Wood.

Taking inspiration from a ‘pecha kucha’ format, an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public devised
in Tokyo in 2003, this will be the first presentation of this format at the Lit & Phil.

Come watch & listen, discover how each uses the constraints and possibilities of ’20 images: 10 minutes’.