Once Upon A Space


A collaborative exchange of ideas resulting in a series of connected creative works exhibited at the 25 Stratford Grove gallery in Heaton, Newcastle, 2010. The project was conceived and facilitated by Helen Edling as part of her week-long residency in the gallery. Seven different artists and writers attended the gallery over the course of the week and were challenged to spend a day producing work in response to the results of the previous artists’ visits.

I participated on the second day and contributed two poems which were installed into the gallery space: the first as wall mounted strips of paper containing lines of poetry written in charcoal and the second a poem on card hung on the door leading to the garden. Many of the elements in the images shown here were created by Helen or our fellow collaborators: David Foggo, Hannah Marsden, Katrin Ostlundh, Iris Priest, Judy Thomas and Sarah Tulloch.