Deadline: Friday 14th July at 5pm

I write this on Friday 9th of June, a curiously hopeful morning when the people who wanted to remove our human rights have just been defeated. And I think about the good things that I get to do in my work as an artist in the community. And then I get to thinking: as artists, we don’t talk enough about what we do and how amazing it is. When we get together we tend to chatter about ideas and people and how to scrape a living. The good things come up from time to time and we all know that they are there, those moments where we see the life of another human transformed by art right before your eyes. Despite the positive effect we have on education, mental health, communities and individual lives, arts funding still falls. And as it falls, the need for our expertise grows and we sit and chatter about ideas and people and how to scrape a living.

It seems to me that the safest future for the type of thing I do lies not with the individual but with us artists as a connected and collaborating entity within society. I spend much of my working life doing things like this and I don’t talk about the positive experiences enough. The little changes that change lives. I want to say something and I don’t want to do that on my own so this morning I spoke to a fellow artist and collaborator (who happens to be my wife) and we decided we would like to share our experiences and gather stories from others like us.

So, we are seeking stories, written or visual, about the transformative power of creativity in an artistic context. We are looking for brilliant, moving and inspirational reports from artists, creatives, producers, educators, scientists, writers and anyone else who works with art who has a positive experience to share. Your contribution can be in any form that you like (including written, visual, creative, hybrid & experimental approaches). The best dozen or so will be published in a digital anthology. This is a one off online publication and you keep full copyright of anything that you send in but agree to let it stay here for as long as the website is still around. Payment is £20 per piece accepted. You can submit as many pieces as you like. Entries are welcomed from across the world (written contributions in English or German only please). If it is words alone, up to 500 please and otherwise please be aware that it will be presented online through a single, simple web page. Please email submissions to: or by Friday 14th July at 5pm, including a short paragraph (max 150 words) about you and the context of the piece.