I have three pieces showing in this exhibition curated by Vanessa Zappi-Taylor at System Gallery in Newcastle…

28th May-6th June, Preview night 2ND JUNE: 6PM
Opening Times:
Tues-Sat: 12pm-6pm
Sun: 3pm-6pm
Mon: Closed

Exhibition Opening Night: 2nd June, 6pm
Free entry, drinks and nibbles!

The Jung Ones is a group exhibition spanning Carl Jung’s four main archetypes: the shadow, the self, the anima and the animus. Archetypes are psychological images linked to primal instincts which occur deep in the fathoms of the subconscious. They are inborn natural instincts functioning on a universal level: every human experiences archetypal motivations, but they remain indistinguishable, existing as the murky intentions or emotional nuances for which we have no rational explanation. In this exhibition we will probe into what makes an archetype personal or universal, humorous, ominous or erotic and whether they acount for more than just the tip of the iceberg of the human psyche.

Including a performance written by Charlotte Valleta and performed by Newcastle Fine Art Students, on 2nd June at 6:30pm