‘The Smell of Mist’ is the second poetry film that I have made with Lucy English, including a score by Odette Ronnie. The film will be published online as part of Lucy’s electronic poetry film project, The Book of Hours.

The Book of Hours is a calendar of poetry films to help you reflect. There is a poetry film for now and for different times of day, for every month of the year. All the films have been made in collaboration between Lucy English and film makers from all round the world.

The film is also available on vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/290346648

Process notes:

As in our first collaboration, this poetry film began as a colour palette that I generated and sent to Lucy. Lucy wrote in response to the palette and sent me back the text and a voice recording of the poem.

I had some footage sitting waiting, so I got to work straight away. I wasn’t happy with the way the words and the film were rubbing against each other so I cleared the decks and went back to the poem. I listened to the recording over several months, trying to slip under the surface of the words. The poem began to play over and over in my head.

One morning over the summer I lay in bed listening to Odette, my eldest daughter, practicing the piano. As she played, the poem was also playing in my head and I was taken by how the two seemed to fit together. I recorded Odette and combined that recording with Lucy’s voice. This audio track then provided the spark of an idea, which in turn led to new raw footage. By the time I sat down to draw the images and the audio track together it felt as if I knew exactly what I had to do.