Stevie Ronnie is an interdisciplinary artist and writer based in Northumberland with a background in computing. His medium is all media and his work lives in the gaps between his three tongues.

Painting is the tongue that he has had since, as a bairn, he discovered that there are more words for art than there are for love. The terrain of this tongue is the moons slow play to disappearance into late morning over crags and kilns and burns. It is mair than handwriting on a surface – it inhabits everywhere and everything that the secret people of language and her memory can be.

The Book is the tongue wrapped in cloth. It folds and unfurls as manuscripts, images and palimpsests filled with crumpled stories, sounds and silence. It is the tongue where mediums meet to be condensed by the weight of slow waiting. It is a sculpture that speaks to us through our eyes, our ears, our noses, our mouths and our fingertips.

Poetry is the old tongue of art. It is so old it has lived almost as long as us and is a glitch in the rythmn of the hidden earth. And, like the earth, it is disappearing at every moment. It is voice in the form of images that articulate emotion. It says what it doesn’t say. It is layered. It hides at least one side from our eyes. It is code that can translate anything.